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[AVEA] Air-Pumping Brush Powder

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  • Unit Price 30000 KRW
    (30.0 USD)
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  • South Korea South Korea

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[AVEA] Air-Pumping Brush Powder


Newly launched a powder brush at a AVEA.  

It is Air-Pumping Brush Powder.

Very unique and powder brush, Patented products in South Korea. 


The invention stores cosmetic powder inside,  

The invention is about a cosmetic brush to provide cosmetic power by pumping. 

More specifically, it is a container for powder : 

the joint connetcted to the front side of the container: a brush that is connected to the joint :

An air pump the is connetcted to the back of the container is also included, through the air pump.

powder inside the container goes smoothly to the inside of the brush. 

the brush becomes very useful for make-up.   



< Specification Of The Product >

- Purpose of use :   

Make Up Loose Powder / Loose Powder / Mineral Sun Powder / Dry shampoo Powder   


- Measure of Capacity : 5ml   


- Characteristics Of Product  

1.  Available For Refills

2. Patented Product Of Korea    

3. On/Off Air Pumping Powder Brush  

4. It is small and handy.  Be available anytime and anywhere 

5. It's not a one-off. You can use Refil. 

6. Price Information

The price is $30 per unit. 

However if you buy two product, price is $50.

The price is about 10 % off. 

Refil is $15. 

If you buy Air Pumping Brush Powder And Refil, Price is $40.