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AVEA Diamond White Bear Cream 


* Product Name : AVEA Diamond White Bear Cream 


* Weight or Volume : 80ml

* Product Characteristics


1. Moisture forms a protective film
To form a protective film with a natural vegetable extract components.
This allows any moisture penetrates the skin to hold moisture so that it does not disappear.

2. Whitening, moisturizing wrinkle powerful dual functionality!
Containing anti-wrinkle ingredients recognized in the Food and Drug Administration!
Whitening, allows to manage your wrinkles at the same time.
There is strong moisturizing shea butter as ingredients.

3. Healthy Skin
Use good ingredients for skin. Moisturizing and constantly thought of the healthy skin 
to give nourishment to the skin.


4. It is a product certified for Chinese hygiene permits.

* Use Tips : Directions : Skin Care Apply thickly spread on the last step.


                 Let me rolling absorbs light after 20-30 minutes.


* Manufacturing Country : South Korea